Team Selection

Teams are initially allocated based on the year of birth and spots available. However, other factors, such as the date of the sign on, previous team dynamics and open training days are also taken into account. Pacific FC aims to produce teams of even numbers and strengths along with known friendships. For the enjoyment and benefit of all involved, team numbers are capped by SCCSA.


U6 - U8 teams - between 6 - 9 players - (ideally 8 committed players)

U9 - U10 teams - between 9 -12 players (ideally 12 committed players)

U11+ teams - between 11-16 players (ideally 14 or 15 committed players)


While written requests will be taken into consideration, it may not be possible to accommodate all requests.


At this stage, there will be a Club Fun Day on Saturday, February 15 from 4pm-6pm at PLC.

Please respect final decisions by the committee. Many hours are spent by the committee to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Coaches may nominate their preferred day of training for their team.

Player Dispensations

Please note the dispensation dates for U11+. If you require a dispensation, we recommend attending the first dispensation night.

18 February  Dispensation Assessment Night 1  

25 February  Dispensation Assessment Night  2

3 March       Dispensation Assessment Night  3

U6-U10 Dispensations require a report from the club's Coaching Director. Please email Pacific FC if you think a dispensation will be required and we will forward you the form to fill out. Dispensations for wearing a hat during play (due to medical advice) also require a medical certificate and dispensation form.