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Become a coach or manager

Volunteering as a coach or manager is a great way to help out your child’s team.


Coach's Role

The coach can be a parent who is committed to attending the training sessions and most of the games.


Duties include:

  • 1 hr per week after school training

  • Working along with the manager to manage fair and equal playing times

  • Attend Saturday games as the coach

  • Two parents might consider weekday skills training and a game day coach

  • Players from older age groups (U13-U18) can offer to co-coach younger age groups on training days where there is a manager present. If your team doesn’t have a coach or manager, please consider how you can help.


A team cannot play until a coach, and a manager has been appointed.



Manager's Role

Volunteering as a manager is an excellent way to help out your child’s team. The manager can be a parent who is committed to attending most of the games while helping out the coach where needed.

Duties include:•

• Looking after the online team book and signing on and out

• Role taking at training

• Emailing out the weekly draw for the team

• Organising a canteen roster


Express your interest in these positions by emailing:


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