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Rita Williams Wins SCS Volunteer Award!

Creating a club culture that places a high value on volunteering requires intentional leadership. As club president, Rita prioritises and celebrates volunteer contributions to cultivate an environment where volunteering is not just seen as a duty, but as an integral part of Pacific FC’s identity. By highlighting the positive impact of volunteering, Rita encourages a sense of pride and purpose amongst members, reinforcing the idea that everyone had a role to play in raising and inspiring our young people. This also fosters a sense of belonging and unity within the community.


Rita leads by example, inspiring parents and carers through her actions and dedication to volunteer. She encourages fellow community members to get involved as she does – in the canteen, setting up fields and packing up equipment. Rita also takes on the role of Grounds Official at Pacific home games, which showcases her commitment to providing a safe sporting venue for families across the Sunshine Coast. This means she arrives at home games before 7am and often leaves after 5pm when the last game is finished.


Rita’s consistent and reliable leadership has provided sustained success of Pacific FC over the years. This has involved creating a support network using a communication app, acknowledging the efforts of volunteers, and addressing any challenges they face in a timely manner. By fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity, Rita contributes to a positive and collaborative volunteer community.


In short, Rita actively encourages others to volunteer, fosters a culture that values volunteering, and supports the broader volunteer community.


This significantly aids the development and progression of volunteering within the Pacific FC community and wider Sunshine Coast community.

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